So much to learn, so little time.

JoltEDU offers short, interactive courses for teachers on topics they really need — in quick, convenient bursts. With JoltEDU, you get choice, flexibility, and practical strategies you can use in your classroom today.

As a part of the Central Intermediate Unit, you have access to a large collection of professional learning opportunities through this platform. Some of the learning resources here have been designed by your CIU10 team. Others have been designed by JoltEDU, a professional learning provider that offers this platform and on-demand microlearning for today's busy educators like you!

* If you work for the Moshannon Valley School District, please click here to go directly to your district's microlearning portal.


Getting started is easy.

Just click the LOGIN link at the top of this page, enter your school or CIU10 email address & JoltEDU password, and click a course to begin!

If you don't know your password, click the FORGOT PASSWORD link to reset it.


Browse and join courses.

Explore all the courses that are available by clicking the COURSE CATALOG link on your dashboard. To join a course, click the

Contact Dawn Hayes ( or Christine Davis ( for help, if needed.


Make your minutes matter.

Get the most out of every minute as you hone your craft. Learn in short bursts with micro-courses that get right to the point. 

Get ideas and discover new strategies. Earn badges as you learn, and download ready-to-use resources for your classroom. Take your learning anywhere with our mobile app!

IU8 will report one hour of Act 48 for each JoltEDU course you complete (for PA educators). IU8 submits Act 48 to PDE each month for any courses completed in the previous month.